Entry Requirements for Lectures on (Sim Ge)

The Singapore Institute of Management or better known as SIM Global Education (SIM GE) works with 12 well-known universities from various countries such as (UK, USA, France and Australia). This collaboration program is very beneficial for prospective students where students can take the entire study process in Singapore and can still get diplomas from university partners. This concept helps students save because even with a diploma from a university partner, students only need to pay tuition in accordance with the tuition fees at SIM GE Singapore, where the price is much cheaper compared to the costs that will be incurred when studying directly at a university partner.sarjana

Entry requirements for SIM Global Education depend on the program taken. Of course, because SIM GE works with 12 well-known universities, the entry requirements for each program from the university are not always the same. SIM Global Education (SIM GE) also offers a pathway concept through a Diploma program (SIM GE). As for some university partners who offer bachelor programs without having to go through a Diploma program (SIM GE) such as RMIT and UOL. Like most universities or institutions, SIM GE also has college entry requirements in both academic and English language requirements.

Program business degrees Singapore on SIM Global Education (SIM GE) can be taken within + – 3 years. A complete list of entry requirements at SIM GE is also available in the SIM GE prospectus brochure that you can get at the nearest ICAN Education Office. Not only, in the prospectus there is also information – other info such as fee info, Sport and Clubs info, alumni testimonials, university partner profiles and much more.

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